What? It only cost $5 Bucks to be President

As I watched a news segment regarding running for president of the United States of America I
noticed something interesting that was trending on the GMA and other news sites. A candidate
with the name Deez Nutz was registered as an independent on the ticket for Houston running
for office. It seemed to be really funny to TMZ as well as other outlets that reported the segment.
At this point something became apparent to me regarding the 2016 race for the white house. What
if I wanted to run for office? What would it take to run? Being the inquisitive person that I am
I decided to make this a project so I went to google so I could find out how to register as a candidate
for the presidential nomination. I found the site for registration, it ask me to download the form , fill
it out and take it to my local post office, I was like wait, it can't be that easy to run for president. But
it was a pretty simple process. Here is a picture of my ticket registration form running as a #GOP candidate.

Troy T the Editor #PowerPlayersMagazine
#PowerPlayersTV #PPMAG #PPTV
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