Find Out Why K.Michelle Blocked Us. We got the Dirt

We went to follow the Ex Hood Rat Reality Show now a successful singer K.Michelle only to find out she and her team blocked us. It is really that serious K? You gotta block the only media company that promoted you free for a year, the people down here in Houston that Promoted you day in , day out. Yes I DirtyRice the Editor am #Pissed at #KMichelle for this crap and this won't be the last you hear of it. I will not only Block her back, I will band her name and make Houston a no Fly Zone for her concerts and promotions. What a way to payback the people who supported you. You could at least had a reason. Don't be so sensitive. It's not like you are original or anything. You ain't nothing but a wanna be Mary J Blige, Kiesha Cole Ripp Off anyway. Troy T aka DirtyRice the Editor.
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