Leather Harley-Davidson Jackets for Christmas. Editors Pics

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As a member of the Harley-Davidson owners Club I have been
asking my wife for a motorcycle for quit some time. Everytime
I pull up with my new #72 matte black sportster vintage
short chopper guys normally compliment me at the light
and sometimes they ask me how did you get your wife
to get on board to get a bike? I tell them it's all a understanding
when it comes to marriage. It's a trade off. Get your wife
something she really wants and compromise, it's that simple,
no tricks, no treats etc. For instance if your wife wants 5 pairs
of Gucci shoes over a one year span put it in the budget. If she
wants a new wedding ring put it in the budget, find a way to
make her happy and she won't mind you getting a motorcycle.
It can't be that simple. Well it is that simple. Try it sometime.

Troy T The Editor PowerPlayersMag.com

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