Case Keenum set to start for the Texans.

As the Texans prepare for yet another game all eyes are on the rookie Case Keenum who has
been chosen to start by Houston Texans head coach Kubiak. Kubiak made the announcement
this past week that he would go with Kenuum instead of a disappointing 2nd String quarterback
T.J Yates who has was leap put in a game to make a diffrence after the Texans starting QB
Matt Schaub gave up a lead of 35 points. As Texans fans try to remain optimistic about the
future of the Houston Texans Franchise one thing is for sure, the fans want a leader and
a fearless starting quarterback. Tomorrow they will challenge the Kansas City Chiefs who are 6 and
0. A undefeated team who had a horrible season last year. You have to be proud of the Kansas City
Chiefs, they have become much better then last year and they are hungry. The Texans may have been
jinxed by media who claimed they were Super Bowl material last year. Espn's Collin Cowhurd and
other analyst held such a high standard for the Texans that the fans now expect the bar to be set
higher along with the Texans Front office. Who knows, maybe Case Keenum who has never
played a down in the NFL will make some great plays and shock the world. One can only wait
for Any Given Sunday.

Troy E Taylor Sr
PPMag Editor
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