The N-Word Experiment By Troy Taylor PPmag

Learn your History and decide if this is a word you want to continue.

I woke up this morning thinking about the struggle, not the one that Afrocentric
people have gone through in America, but the new struggle of understanding the
past. So many people of different races and origin have lost their lives to give
us a freedom that we still really don't have. The Penitentiary is still a modern day
slavery for African American Males ranging from 16 to 50 and rising. One would think
there are so many role models like Oprah, Barack Obama, Tavis Smiley, The Johnson
Publishing Empire etc, hoping that knowledge and pride would kick in.
 As I scroll through
instagram I see pictures captioned with the words "Niggaz Be Like"and it bothers me
because I don't the young people know what really took place for them to have
the opportunities that they have in this day and time. I made the caption up top so
all of us could visualize the True essence of where this country once was with racism
and how it will go back to that if we are not careful. At this point when I talk to my
children about the N word, my daughter tells me most kids don't have a clue because
there are no parents at home teaching them about this word and they don't see anything
wrong with the Hispanics using this word, but white people should not use the N word.
I asked her why? She said "That's just the way it is"? So I thought I would do a video
to change this. Coming up soon on our YouTube channel, I will give whites the right to
use the N-Word as an experiment to give the youth of today the feeling that their ancestors
once had to Kill this word once an for all. 
Don't get upset , this is purely for demonstration. The whole concept behind this is
to make Afrocentric children hate this word so much that they come to terms with
not using it for future generations. I do believe social websites and media is the only
way to get the next generation to think more about the past as well as their future.
Here is how this word came to be.
Origins by Spanish Terms Nigger Click the link
Stay Tuned. Video coming soon to youtube.
The N -Word Experiment
Power Players Magazine
Editor Troy Taylor Sr.  
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